Oral Presentations: June 6

Chronic Diseases

Cardiovascular risk factors among Somali immigrants and refugees
Jane Njeru, Eugene Tan, Jennifer St. Sauver, Debra Jacobson, Amenah Agunwamba, Patrick Wilson, Mark Wieland

Working with refugees and asylum seekers who suffer chronic pain related to torture and organised violence: an experience using manual therapy, education, and training in self-help techniques as a therapeutic approach
Andreia Negron

Longitudinal changes in overweight/obesity and BMI among refugees in Buffalo U
Wudeneh Mulugeta, Myron Glick, Hong Xue, Michael Noe, Youfa Wang

Acquisition of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Refugees and Immigrants: A Longitudinal Study
Gabriel E. Fabreau, Seth A. Berkowitz, Wei He, Chantal Kayitesi, Sarah A. Oo, Steven J. Atlas, Sanja Percac-Lima


Training and Integrating Community Interpreters in a Refugee Health Clinic: A Collaborative Approach in Quebec-City
Camille Brisset , Rhéa Rocque, Suzanne Gagnon, Yvan Leanza, Laura Sofia Velasco, Galia Tfeyl-Adv, Éric Chastenay

Engaging Nursing Students in Refugee Health
Debra Edmunds, Karen Lundberg, Mary Raymer, Chelsea Harrison

Peer to Peer: Creating Pathways to Wellness through Refugee Peer Counseling
Danielle Preiss, Jennifer Pincus, James Sutton

Involving students in Medicine to develop a tool to help refugees in the first year after their arrival: four years of experimentation.
Suzanne Gagnon

Mental Health / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Depression in people living with HIV/AIDS in FitcheHospital, Central Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study
Jennifer Cochran, Laura Smock , Thinh Nguyen, Paul L. Geltman

Growing trauma-informed resettlement services: A mixed-methods study of the barriers and opportunities around implementation
Jane Evans, Jennifer Ballard-Kang

From the Clinic to the City: Refugee Mental Health Screening and Promotion within Resettement Programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Margaret Fulda, Peter Gottemoller, Melissa Fogg

Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Mental Health Referrals of Refugees
Patricia Jean Shannon, Gregory A Vinson, Tonya Cook

Research / Resettlement Experience

Family-Tales: Resettlement of Southeast Asian refugee (SEAR) families in New Zealand
Natina Roberts

Addressing Language Barriers in Primary Care
Patricia Gabriel

Adult Refugee Claimants’ Experiences Accessing Health Care in Montreal
Jesse Beatson, Janet Cleveland, Cecile Rousseau, Liana Chase, Mariam Naguib

An Audit of Refugee Access to Walk-In and After-Hours Clinics in the Greater Toronto Area After 2012 Cuts to the Interim Federal Health Care Program
Alexander Caudarella, Vanessa Redditt, Andrea Evans, Richard Glazier


Giving It Our Best Shot? HPV and HBV Immunization among Refugees
Rachel Stein Berman, Laura Smock, Megan Bair-Merritt, Jennifer Cochran, Paul L Geltman

Rates of Completion of Immunization Series in a Cohort of Refugees in Connecticut, USA
Amir M Mohareb, Kevin Ikuta, Dhruva Kothari, Connie Cheng, Aniyizhai Annamalai

Risk factors for varicella susceptibility among refugees to Toronto, Canada
Genevieve Cadieux, Vanessa Reddit, Daniela Graziano, Meb Rashid

Women’s Health Session 1

The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in the Well-being and Integration of Iranian and Afghan Older Adult Immigrant Women in Canada
Mahdieh Dastjerdi, Nazilla Khanlou, Judith MacDonnell, Afkham Mardoukhi, Adeena Niazi

Ensuring Reproductive Health Services for Myanmar Refugees in Bangladesh: Implications and Support Strategies
Ahmed Al-Kabir, Humaira Begum, Ahmed Al-Sabir

Severe maternal morbidity among refugee women
Susitha Wanigaratne, Marcelo Urquia, Donald C Cole, Kate Bassil, Ilene Hyman, Rahim Moineddin

Determinants of Emergency Caesarean Birth in Migrant Women in Montreal

Women’s Health Session 2

Providing Culturally-Grounded Services for the Refugee Women of Phoenix: A Community Partnership Model for Integrated Care
Jeanne Nizigiyimana, Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, Karissa Tocquigny

Migrant Friendly Maternity Care in a Western Urban Centre
Anita Gagnon, Sandra Pelaez, Lisa Merry, Rezi Amiri, Kristin Hendricks

What are the challenges newly migrant women face when receiving maternity care in Montreal? Health care professionals’ perspectives
Sandra Pelaez, Kristin Hendricks, Anita J. Gagnon

Impact of parental factors in refugee infant development
Anne Brassell, Karen Fondacaro, Emily Mazzula