2017 Friday Posters

Posters to be Displayed on Friday June 16th, Sheraton Hotel, Toronto

Poster No. Title
1 Psychosocial and cultural considerations of underreporting pain: lessons from the Yale Refugee Clinic
Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk
2 Exploring Issues Of Underutilization In a Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic
Caitlin Johnston
4 Neither here nor there
Chavon Niles
5 “Out of The Box” Continuous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Pump Training for successful use in non-English Speaking Low Literacy Refugee Populations
Bonnie Paddleford
6 Healthy Homes Initiatives: An integrated support system to increase self-advocacy
Najah Zaaeed
7 Hearing Impairment / Loss: Fear of Community Shaming and Mental Health Among Arab Refugees
Najah Zaaeed
9 Refugee Pediatric Complex Care Clinic
Mark Nelson
11 A case of severe skeletal fluorosis likely secondary to fluoride contaminated water in Kakuma Refugee Camp
Gabriel Fabreau
14 Implementation of an Iraqi women’s behavioral health support group: Lessons learned in a pre and post US election climate.
Winnie Hunter
15 Privately sponsored Syrian refugees accessing healthcare in Edmonton
Rhianna Charchuk
16 Huddle Up: Implementing a Multidisciplinary Huddle Prior to Refugee Clinic at an FQHC
Satu Salonen
17 Pediatric Refugee eConsult: A Novel Usage for Care Coordination
Tobey Audcent
18 “Universal healthcare in Canada?” A Critical Policy Analysis of the 2012 Interim Federal Health Cuts using the 3I Framework.
Raafia Siddiqui
19 Service provider’s perspectives on the settlement challenges and mental health consequences for Australian youth of refugee background.
Melanie Baak
21 Evaluating Mental Health Screening and Referral Processes for Minnesota’s Arriving Refugee Populations
Maria Vukovich
22 Access to cervical and breast cancer screening: Perceptions, experiences and perceived barriers among Bhutanese refugee women living in Melbourne
Jamuna Parajuli
23 Community-based Fitness Programme For Newly Syrian Refugee Women and Girls
Sherldine Tomlinson
24 ‘Belonging begins at home’: Exploring the relationship between housing and health for refugees and asylum seekers in South Australia
Anna Ziersch
25 An Integrated Care Model for Newly Resettled Refugee Families
Kathleen Duffy
26 Overcoming Language Barriers Through Training of Health Professional Students as Volunteer Interpreters
Belle Song
27 Access to primary health care services for asylum seekers and refugees experiencing psychological trauma
Clemence Due
28 Implementation of a domestic intestinal parasite screening and treatment program
Joannah Lynch
29 Refugee migration, food insecurity, connection to healthcare, and employment at one year post-resettlement in King County, Washington, USA
Laura Newman
30 Pediatric hospitalization and the language challenges of immigrant mothers
Kate Hardie
31 Implementation of a Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Students to Serve Newly Arriving Refugees at the University of Louisville Global Health Center
Rebeccah Ford
32 An Innovative Approach to Teaching Asylum Medicine: The Observership Model
Katherine McKenzie
34 Refugee Health: Sharing Resources, Building Hope
Barbara Albrechtsons
35 Low-value use and emergency department usage among Bhutanese refugees resettled in the United States
Jessica Lee E.
36 Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparities Among Recently Arrived Refugee Women
Jonathan Jackson
38 Improving Early Childhood Nutrition in Refugee Populations through the Women, Infants, and Children Program
Sydney Mogotsi
39 A Model of Care for a Multicultural, International, Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic at the University of Louisville Global Health Center
Rahel Bosson
40 Integrating Former Refugee Youth into Education and Employment: The Australian Experience
Tahereh Ziaian
41 Implementation of a SenseMaker(R) research project among Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Nour Bakhache
42 BridgeCare Clinic: Evidence of Successful Refugee Primary Care Services
Kim Hiebert
43 Training Needs Analysis of Primary Health Care Workers in Northern Province Sri Lanka
Sindujaa Selliah
44 NCD Guidelines and mHealth Records for Refugees in Lebanon
Paul Spiegel
45 Women’s Traditional Dance and Arts Exchange to Improve Mental Health
Shilpa Darivemula
47 Parenting adolescent refugees post-resettlement in Minnesota: A pilot intervention targeting Karen family cohesion
Alexis Walstad
48 Comparison of Hepatitis B Vaccination and Serologic Markers Among Newly Arriving Refugees to Kentucky
Rahel Bosson
49 Using the Refugee Immunization Clinic to Improve Access to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Among Refugees Resettling in Kentucky
Jessica Stephens
50 A Retrospective Review of Health and Social Conditions Affecting Refugees 65 Years of Age
Rahel Bosson
51 A Review of Mental Health Conditions Identified Among Newly Arrived Refugees In Kentucky
Rahel Bosson
52 An Initial Profile of Syrian Refugees Newly Arriving to Kentucky: University of Louisville Global Health Center
Rahel Bosson
53 Health Conditions Affecting the Refugee Population Resettled in Kentucky During 2016
Rahel Bosson
54 Tobacco Abuse Among Newly Arriving Refugees Resettling in Kentucky
Rahel Bosson
55 Improving Data Collection Performance in a Multicultural, International, Multidisciplinary Refugee Health Clinic
Rahel Bosson
56 Migrant Serum Bank: Repository of Anonymous Sera
Deborah Lee
57 Of Medicine and Mudras: Using Traditional Dance as a Novel Model for Approaching Women’s Health
Shilpa Darivemula
58 Examining the Effectiveness of Physical Activity on Mental Health among Bosnian Refugees: A Pilot Study
Huaibo Xin
59 “Just call 911”: Refugees & The Emergency Department
Amy Waldner
60 Teaching Evidence-Based Care of Refugees: Development and Evaluation of a Refugee Health Training for Family Medicine Residency Faculty
Elizabeth Kvach
62 Global Health Center: Access of Care Through an Emergency Department by Newly Arriving Refugees in Louisville, KY
Ruth Carrico
75 Clinical Vignette: A Woman Seeking Asylum Who Was Subjected to Female Genital Cutting (FGC)
Katherine McKenzie
96 A needs assessment for Somali women: Optimizing this populations’ peripartum care in a tertiary care center in Vermont
Jenna Flanagan
97 A Web-Based Toolkit for Caring for Immigrant Children
Megan Gray
68 Use of the Emergency Department by Refugee Children Compared to Non-refugee Children
Fern Hauck
100 Mental Health First Aid Training to Refugee-Serving Staff and Refugee Community Leaders in the United States
Parangkush Subedi
125 Evaluation of prenatal care and obstetric outcomes among pregnant refugee women attending a refugee health care centre in Calgary, Alberta
Mary Malebranche
128 Improving Access to Care for non-English, non-Spanish (NENS) Speaking Immigrants Within a Hospital System
Janine Young