2017 Friday June 16

7:00-8:00 Registration & Breakfast
8:00-8:15 Welcome
Dr. Anna Banerji, Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Trevor Young, Martin Cetron, James Sutton, Jay MacGillivray
8:15-9:00 PTSD and Refugees
Dr. Peter Polatin
9:00-9:45 Global refugee health and IOM
Dr. Davide Mosca
9:45-10:00 Break
10:00-11:00 Concurrent-Plenary #1 – What’s New in Refugee Health in Canada
Dr. Theresa Tam, Michael MacKinnon
Concurrent-Plenary #2 – What’s New in Refugee Health in America
Dr. Martin Cetron
Concurrent Plenary #3 – Human Trafficking
Hanni Marie Stoklosa
11:00-11:10 Travel Time

Oral Presentations | Session 1

Chronic Diseases

  • Did the prevalence of chronic diseases among US-bound refugees from Burma increase during 2007 to 2016?
    Barbara Bardenheie, Christina Phares, Diane Simpson, Edward Gregg, Pyone Cho, Stephen Benoit, Nina Marano
  • Resettlement of people living with disabilities from refugee backgrounds in Australia: a needs analysis
    Philippa Duell-Piening, Assunta Hunter, Samantha Furneaux
  • Psychological distress and disability among persons aged 60 years and older in government and non-government controlled conflict-affected areas in Ukraine
    Aimee Summers, Eva Leidman, Oleg Bilukha
  • Mental illness and its association with Hypertension among recently arrived Refugees and Refugee Claimants to Canada
    Eric Norrie

Syrian/Mental Health

  • Supports for Syrian Refugee Families Living in Lebanon: Strengths and Gaps
    Bree Akesson, Dena Badawi
  • Medical and Mental Health Issues in Syrian Refugees
    Charles Hui, Kevin Pottie, Tobey Audcent, Tony Barozzino, Meb Rashid, Anna Banerji, Morton Beiser, Louise Auger, Anne Rowan-Legg, Charlotte Hepburn-Moore
  • Exploring the health and mental health needs and service use of Syrian refugees in Toronto
    Andrew Tuck, Anna Oda, Branka Agic, Brenda Roche, Michaela Hynie, Kwame McKenzie
  • A qualitative investigation of the mental health needs of Syrian refugees and immigrants
    Kwame McKenzie, Michaela Hynie, Branca Agic, Sean Kidd, Rosemary Yachouh


  • Young Australian’s Education and Employment transitions: Comparing immigrants from refugee source countries to their Australian peers
    Alison Childs
  • Influence of Income and Education on Health Outcomes of Bosnian Refugees in the United States
    Tanja Zanin, Pooja Agrawal, Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic
  • Beyond Borders: Using Communication to Change Lives
    Katherine Hansen
  • Strategy for Improving Refugee Care Services – Use of Contract Interpreters
    Abby Davids, Margaret Mortimer, Jamie Strain, Jill Chrisman, Jeanne d’Ar Muhire


  • Reflexivity, Vulnerability, and the Ethics of Researcher-Practitioner Identities in Research with Refugees
    Jessica E. Lee
  • Center of Excellence in Refugee Health: Lessons Learned in Colorado – Year One
    Carol Tumaylle, Paul Gillenwater, Emily Jentes, Lori Kennedy, Deborah Aragon, Breanna Kawaski,
  • Findings From A Multisite Post-arrival Refugee Health Screening Exam Surveillance Pilot
    Clelia Pezzi, Deborah Lee, Emily Jentes
  • A Refugee Clinic in a Community Health Center; a Sequel to the Public Health Screening Visit
    Shoshana Aleinikoff


  • FGC Community-Centered Health Care and Prevention Program
    Bethlehem Degu, Kristin Brownell
  • Beyond Navigation: Improving health seeking experiences of newcomer women in British Columbia (BC), Canada
    Caitlin Johnston, Ann Pederson, Andrea Bever
  • Evaluation of the Saskatoon Syrian Refugee Pilot Health Clinic
    James Dixon, Yvonne Blonde, Sunny Lee, Mahli Brindamour, Tina Abellera, Melanie Baerg, Karrie Hammond-Collins, Simon Kapaj, Grace Varga, Lori Verity-Anderson, Anne Leis
  • Responding to the Syrian Refugee Influx: Collaboration with a Medical Centre, Reception Centre and Community Agencies
    Neil Arya, Wende Bedirian, and Lynne Griffiths


  • (Non)Citizenship and the IFHP: Power and Resistance in Toronto’s Healthcare Sector
    Laura Connoy
  • (D)Evaluation of Refugees in Germany: Prevalence and Predictors of Anti-Refugee, Xenophobic, and Islamophobic Attitudes
    Constantin Klein, Heinz Streib
  • Politicizing the White Coat: Medical Activism and Refugee Health Policy in Toronto, Berlin and London
    Samantha Jackson
  • Discrimination and health for asylum seekers and refugees resettled in South Australia
    Anna Ziersch, Clemence Due, Moira Walsh

Innovation and Interprofessional Care

  • Telemedicine: Bridging the gap between refugee health and health services accessibility in Hamilton, Ontario
    Anthony Sandre, K. Bruce Newbold
  • The Inter-Professional, Collaborative Practice Approach to Refugee Health Care in Winnipeg Manitoba.
    Kimberley Hiebert, Traicy Roberston, Alfred Koineh Felicien Rubayita
  • Embedding occupational therapy intervention within an existing refugee health program
    Stephen Kern, Jessica Nambudiri
  • Healthy Partnerships for Healthy Smiles
    Lyne Lafrance

Novel Therapies and Treatments

  • ‘I am not deaf’: Arts-based participatory action research with refugee women from Burma
    Hillary Rubesin
  • Yoga for Refugees: A Mixed Methods Evaluation
    Danielle Begg, Helen Bibby, Tonet Ortega, David Perez, Kedar Maharjan, Mariano Coello
  • Beyond Words — Using Creative Arts Therapies with Refugees: Programs, Methods and Effectiveness, with a focus on Syrian Refugees
    Maya Ross, Julia Puebla Fortier
  • A Photographic Inquiry into What Sustains Care Providers Working in Contexts of Displacement
    Nisha Sajnani, Oscar Palacio
12:10-1:10 Lunch | Posters and Exhibitors

Workshops | Session 1

  • Advocating for Refugees, Refugee Claimants & Undocumented
    Lee Chapman
  • Refugee Dental and Oral Health Services: Toronto Public Health
    Dr Michele Wong
  • Rights to health coverage for children of vulnerable migrants: shifting from case by case negotiations to systemic change
    Chloé Cérbon, Marianne Leaune-Welt
  • The Case Against Torture Wendell Block, Jessica O. Lee
  • Resilience in Asylum, Immigrant, and Refugee Medicine: Self-Care and Support to Promote Long-Term Involvement and Well-Being of Clinicians
    Katherine Mckenzie, Katalin Roth, Sarah Kimball, Dennis Wang
  • The Immigration Medical Exam: A Myth-buster Workshop
    Della Faulkner
  • OHIP for All: Fighting for Access to Care for All Residents of Ontario
    Ritika Goel, Andrea Bobadilla, Anjara Aery, Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy
  • Multi-Method Research on Refugee Health from an Interdisciplinary Perspective: The Approach of the German Study FlueGe. Quantitative and Qualitative Strategies
    Anne Köhne, Matthias Belau, Constantin Klein, Eva Koch, Anna Nowak, and Alexander Krämer
  • Effectiveness of Cross-Sector Service Response to Syrian Refugees: Strategies and Best Practices from Toronto, Peel and Kitchener-Waterloo Regions
    Fatima Mussa, Sideeka Narayan, Yogendra Shakya, Nadia Jamil, Tarek Kadan, Iman Malandi, Elise Yoon, Shirin Dorafshar, Maisah Syed
2:10-2:20 Travel Time

Workshops | Session 2

  • Flushing out the Screening of Enteric Parasites in Refugee Populations
    Meb Rashid, Isacc Bogoch, Vanessa Redditt
  • Medical Screening Data Exchange, Integration, and Visualization
    Paul Gillenwater, Deborah Aragon, Emily Jentes, Breanna Kawasaki, Lori kennedy, Carol Tumaylle
  • Best practices for providers working with interpreters – and why it’s important
    Sarah Clarke, Janice Jaffe, Raewyn Mutch
  • Supporting Syrian Refugees through a Rapid Primary Health Care Response- A collaborative reflection from three Community Health Centres in Ontario
    Kim Cook, Siffan Rahman, Sideeka Narayan
  • Building capacity to care for refugees: Nuts and Bolts of setting up refugee health care services in your clinical site
    Olga Valdman
  • Engaging Partnerships: Overseas and domestic systems collaborating to receive refugees with significant health needs
    Susan Dicker, Ellen Frerich, Marge Higgins, Alexander Klosovsky, Blain Mamo, Catherine Yen
  • Ethical Considerations for Research with Refugees
    Michaela Hynie, Christina Clark-Kazak
  • Hot Topics in Refugee Women’s Health: Key Priorities: An Introductory Session
    Praseedha Janakiram, Roseanne Hickey
3:20-3:35 Break
3:35-4:35 Concurrent-Plenary #1 – “Getting to global elimination of viral hepatitis: WHO’s on first”
Dr. Jordan Feld
Concurrent-Plenary #2 – LGBTIQ
Jay MacGillivray, Kimahli Powell
Concurrent-Plenary #3 – Workup and Management of Intestinal Parasites in Refugees
Dr. Andrea Boggild
4:35-5:35 Plenary: “I googled Canada.” Stories from the Syrian refugee migration
Susan Ormiston
5:35-6:00 Refugee Story and Reception.
Music by Wanes Moubayed
6:00 Adjourn Day 1