2017 Saturday June 17th

7:00-8:00 Breakfast
7:00-8:00 Meeting by Invitation Only: COE/CDC Internal Partners Meeting
8:00-8:45 Invisible Persons of Concern: Global Challenges for LGBTI Refugees
Gabriel Schirvar
8:45-9:30 Compassion
Dr. David Shlim
9:30-10:30 Advocacy Panel
Janine Young, Maya Prabhu
9:30-11:45 Meeting by Sign-Up ONLY: Sign Up will be available at Registration on Friday June 16 – Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health manuscript review.
Reviewer: Sana Loue
10:30-10:45 Break
  • Concurrent-Plenary #1 – Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Women and Girls: Updates on Medical and Legal Considerations in the U.S. and Canada
    Hoori Hamboyan, Karen Musalo, Dilshad Tavawalla, Janine Young MD, Crista Johnson-Agbakwu
  • Concurrent-Plenary #2 – Management of Tuberculosis in Refugees
    Dr. Kamran Khan
  • Concurrent-Plenary #3 – Domestic Violence
    Dr. Nancy Glass
11:45-12:45 Lunch | Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers Annual General Meeting | Exhibitors

Oral Presentations | Session 2

Mental Health/Screening

  • Mental Health Screening with Refugees in Salt Lake City: Outcomes, Effective Administration, and Adaptation
    Jennica Henderson
  • The Refugee Core Stressor Tool (RCST): A Comprehensive Approach to Assessing the Multifaceted Needs of Refugee Youth & Families
    Emma Cardeli, Colleen Barrett, Molly Benson
  • Screening for Parental depression at Pediatric Refugee Health Care Visits
    Andrea Green, Valeria Harder
  • Through the Gateway: Development of Refugee Health Services in Canada’s most eastern city
    Pauline Duke, Christine Bassler, Barbara Albrechtsons, Sohaib Masroor, Kari Brown, Kate Duff

Syrian Refugees in the Global Setting

  • Syrians in Brisbane, Australia: an innovative health response to the doubling of new arrivals.
    Meryl Jones
  • The Role of Religion in Coping with Financial Threat in Muslim Syrian Refugees Resettling in Canada
    Kashmala Qasim
  • Surgical Management of Syrian Refugees: Cost-effectiveness of a Humanitarian Surgical Mission to Lebanon
    Giancarlo McEvenue, Ryan Thompson, Nina Naidu, Adam Hamawy
  • Coping Strategies Used by Syrian Refugees in Jordan
    Fatmeh Alzoubi, Ahmad Alsmadi, Yazeed Gougazeh

Models of Care

  • Relational Qualitative Methods in Community-Engaged Health Research with Bhutanese Refugees
    Jessica E. Lee
  • Screening Complex Medical Refugee Arrivals for Urgent and Specialty Care and Case Navigation
    J. Carey Jackson, Heather Burkhalter, Mahri Haider, Nicole Ahrenholz, Beth Farmer, Lea Paz-Castillo, Mohamed Elameen, Laura Newman, Elizabeth Andes, Jennifer Malloy, Jasmine Matheson
  • Challenges of Primary Care of the Refugee
    Kaitlyn Losey, Tiffany Castellano, Ana Mendez, Jenny Saint Aubyn, Shana Semmens
  • Migrant health clinical practice guidelines and recommendations: a systematic quality assessment using AGEE II tool.
    Eric Agbata, Pablo Alonso Coello, Kevin Pottie, Paulina Fuentes, Ifeoma Agbata, Laura Hidalgo, Ivan Sola

Refugee Screening/Disease

  • Asymptomatic Splenomegaly – US Follow Up
    Margaret Mortimer, Abby Davids
  • Microbiome Westernization and Obesity in Immigrants and Refugees
    Pajau Vangay, Shannon Pergament, Bwei Paw, Mary Xiong, Rodolfo Batres, Kathleen Culhane-Pera, Dan Knights
  • The Prevalence of Schistosomiasis in New Arrival Refugees at Migrant Health Service (MHS), Adelaide, 2013-2016 Natasha Elsey,
    Antonietta Maldari, Razlyn Abdul Rahim
  • Refugee public health in Canada: a knowledge exchange and translation initiative
    Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan


  • Obstetric and Neonatal Outcomes Among a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Newly-Arrived Refugees
    Sarah Gieszl, Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, Jeanne Nizigiyiman,
  • Pediatric Refugee Care Coordination: Implementing a Newcomer Navigator in Tertiary Care
    Suelana Taha
  • Treatment for Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Refugee Children Aged 2-14 Years Who Arrived in the United States in 2008-2014
    Zanju Wang, Drew Posey, Christina Phares


  • Understanding Experiences of Social Support as a Coping Resource among Immigrant/Refugee Women with Postpartum Depression: An Integrative Literature Review
    Shain Kassam
  • Creating Inclusive Spaces to Encourage and Support Meaningful Participation of Underserved Communities in the Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Programs
    Maria Mercedes, Virginie Diambou, Bidur Dahal, Noor Bulle
  • The Role of Family Acceptance and Social Participation in the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Iranian LGBTQ+ Youth in Canada
    Fay M. Dastjerdi
  • Creating a Program to Facilitate Patient Transition to Community Providers: Lesson Learned from Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
    Jennifer Pinkus, Whitney Alexander, James Sutton, Stacie Powers


  • Development and piloting of a multi-disciplinary refugee health literacy program
    Frances Cheng, Sasha Shackleford, Ami Mohareb, Erik Kramer
  • Health is Academic: Socio-cultural factors that support the successful transition of male refugees from middle school to college.
    Sandra Bargainnier, Zarina Smith, Najah Zaaeed, Megan Brown
  • Health Literacy Needs Assessment of Newly Resettled Refugees
    Pooja Agrawal, Tanja Zanin, Brian Wood, Leslie Koons


  • Strategies to Improve Refugee Vaccination Records Access to US Providers
    Deborah Lee, Yoni Haber, Denial Wenger, Mary Hamilton, Emily Jentes
  • Vaccination versus Serotesting: Determining cost-effective strategies for
    Varicella, Hepatitis A, and Measles, Mumps, and Rubella for newly arrived refugees Karl Kirby, Hayder Allkhenfr, Diane Chapman, Ji Won Chang
  • Immunization Coverage Among Syrian Refugee Children in Berlin
    Laila Fozouni, George Rutherford
  • Addressing Provider Barriers to Refugee Vaccination in Colorado
    Elizabeth Abbott
1:45-2:00 Travel Time

Workshops | Session 3

  • Strategies for Publishing and Publicizing Your Work in Refugee Health
    Sana Loue, Paul Geltman
  • Effective Advocacy for Refugee Rights in Your Community: Models, Tools, and Lessons learned
    Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Paul Caulford, Katherine Yun, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, Shoshana Aleinkoff, Andrea Green, Anisa Ibrahim, Ranit Mishori
  • Improved Medication Adherence and Clinical Outcomes through the Incorporation of Clinical Pharmacists into Interdisciplinary Teams
    Kimberly Carter, Shirley Bonanni
  • Therapy with Immigrants and Refugees: The Intersection of Identities for Clients and Therapists of Color
    Laura Ramzy, Adaobi Iheduru, Shruti Dasgupta
  • One size does not fit all: Multi-faceted approach to Mental Health with Refugee Women
    Anu Lala, Deone Curling, Raelene Prieto
  • Refugee Centered Medical Home: Refugees as our Patient Leaders
    Kate Conway, Michael Murphy, Cathy Vue, Surendra Adhikari, Jessica Brown, Cynthia Joseph, Walid Malki, Caleb Dukeman
  • Immigrant and Refugee Health Curricular Development Working Group. Part One of Two
    Janine Young, Sural shah, Anna Banerji, Paul Geltman, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, William Stauffer, Sarah Kimball, Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Marc Altshuler, Andrea Green, Shoshana Aleinikoff, Brett Stark
  • Refugee mental health in practice: Providing effective treatment and support. Part one of two
    Branka Agic, Lisa Andermann
3:00-3:15 Break

Workshops | Session 4

    • Refugee mental health in practice: Providing effective treatment and support. Part two of two
      Branka Agic, Lisa Andermann
    • Meeting the Needs of Deaf Refugees through a Multidisciplinary Community Collaboration
      Pamela Kefi, Pamela Rohring, Peter Scott
    • Addressing complex conditions in refugee populations: Lessons from the Center for Victims of Torture on integrated behavioral healthcare
      Leora Hudak, Alison Beckman, Jeff Walter, Novia Josiah, Kathleen O’Donnell
    • Flushing out the Screening of Enteric Parasites in Refugee Populations
      Meb Rashid, Isacc Bogoch, Vanessa Redditt
    • Advocating for Change and Responding to Political Shifts: Policy Implications of the Recent Canadian and U.S. Elections
      Robert Marlin, Gabriel Fabreau, Marsha Griffin, Meb Rashid, David Scales, Sural Shah
    • Mental Health Capacity Building through Collaboration and Training for Refugee Community Leaders and Refugee-Serving Staff in the United States
      Parangkush Subedi, Nancy Kelly, Curi Kim
    • Focus on Pediatric Refugee Health: Building Models of Care
      Sara Citron, Laura Erdman, Andrea Evans, Andrea Hunter, Andrea Green, Gillian Morantz, Tobey Audcent, Rebecca Warmington, Gillian Gibson, Alyson Holland
    • The development and validation of a GBV screening tool: translation of field research to practical application in humanitarian settings.
      Alexander Vu, Andrea Wirtz, Nancy Glass
    • Immigrant and Refugee Health Curricular Development Working Group. Part Two of Two
      Janine Young, Sural shah, Anna Banerji, Paul Geltman, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, William Stauffer, Sarah Kimball, Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Marc Altshuler, Andrea Green, Shoshana Aleinikoff, Brett Stark
    • Counselling with LGBTQ* refugees and asylum seekers in Canada
      Mego Nerses


4:15-4:25 Travel Time
4:25-5:25 Plenary Global refugee crisis: So what is the crisis all about?
Alex Neve
5:25-6:00 Refugee Stories
Nevzat Keskin, Dr. Vanig Garabedian
6:00 Adjourn
5:00-6:00 Open Meeting: COE Network Meeting – Current and Interested Partners