2017 Sunday Posters

Posters to be Displayed on Sunday June 18th, Sheraton Hotel, Toronto

Poster No. Title
63 Culturally Tailored Audio-Visual Patient Education about Foods that Affect Blood Sugar in the Primary Language of the Patient with Diabetes
J. Carey Jackson
64 Assessing the Mental Health Needs of Refugee Communities in Philadelphia
Mark Messih
65 Validation of the Refugee Health Screener-15 (RHS-15) For Cuban Refugees and Entrants
Adriana Pena
66 Addressing the Challenges of Bhutanese Refugee Elders through a Senior Engagement Program
Alison Fell
67 Evaluation of the refugee experience with using interpretation services in the primary care setting in British Columbia
Daphne Lu
69 Immunization availability and accessibility for uninsured migrant children
Chloé Cébron
70 Access of Care Through an Emergency Department by Newly Arriving Refugees in Louisville Kentucky
Rahel Bosson
71 Evaluation of a Hearing Screening Protocol For Newly Arriving Refugee Children
Rahel Bosson
72 Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Zika Among Cuban Refugees Resettling in Louisville Kentucky
Dawn Balcom
73 Overview of U.S.-bound Refugee Arrivals, Overseas TB Screening, and Domestic Follow-up Evaluation for Fiscal Year 2016
Zanju Wang
74 The Sooner the Better – Shortening the Time to First Physician Visit by Implementing a Two Stage Refugee Screening Process
Ellen Einterz
76 Refugee Children at Risk for Elevated Blood Lead Levels at Arrival in Washington State, 7/1/2013-6/30/2016
Azadeh Tasslimi
78 Gestational Diabetes Complications and Postpartum Care: Does Refugee or Immigrant Status matter?
Sarah Khan
79 Lead Screening in Refugee Women of Reproductive Age
Harriet Huang
80 A Vaccination Program for U.S.-bound Refugees: 2016 Updates
Tarissa Mitchell
81 Differences in Need between Asylum Seeker and Refugee Survivors of Torture
Kim Griswold
82 “Talking Labels”-the Use of Quick Response (QR) Codes to Optimize Medication Management in a Kidney Transplant Recipient
Julie MacDougall
83 Using Videos for Patient Education on Latent Tuberculosis Infection
Kristiana Sather
84 The International Family Medicine Clinic at the University of Virginia: A Model of Interprofessional Refugee Healthcare
Fern Huack
86 Priscilla Project of Buffalo (PPB) – Program for High Risk Pregnant Refugee Women
Caroline Horrigan
87 Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic description of latent tuberculosis infection among refugees settling in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Irene Lamothe
88 Acute primary care needs of Syrian refugees immediately after arrival to Canada
Wais Darwish
89 Refugee Health Navigators: Evaluation of a Service Learning Approach to Health Advocacy in Medical Education
Humaira Saeed
90 The Impact of Protection Interventions on Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) in Humanitarian Crises: A Systematic Review
Priya Gupta
91 Migrating Syrian Refugees Health Profile
Diana Al Qutub
92 Splenomegaly in 15 Congolese Refugees Resettled to the U.S.
Diane Chapman
93 The implementation of a birth control programme in the Registration and Identification Centre (RIC) on Samos, Greece.
Vaness Yarwood
94 Piloting a Patient Navigator Program for Refugee Patients at an Academic Primary Care Center
Felona Gunawan
98 Pre- and Post-Migratory Factors and Youth Mental Health Difficulties
Anahita Dehmoobad Sharifabadi
99 Perceptions of Mental Health in the Somali Community in King County, WA: a Community- Based Participatory Research Study
Hana Mohamed
101 Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Screening Habits among Refugee Populations
Victoria Kwentua
102 Linkage to care for newly arriving refugees infected with Hepatitis B Virus
Clara Warden
103 Development and piloting of a multi-disciplinary refugee health literacy program
Frances Cheng
104 Using the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Enhance the Refugee Health Examination for New Arrivals to the US
Katherine Yun
105 Bringing Refugee Health into Medical Education: A Novel Internship Approach
Rollin Cook
106 Dietary Practices Post-Resettlement-a study of refugee children in Philadelphia
Meera Siddharth
107 Feasibilty of Using Healthcare Claims Files for Refugee Child Epidemiology
Katherine Yun
108 End of Life Care for Refugees and Immigrants: A Systematic Review
Natalie Cobb
109 Breast and colorectal cancer screening rates in the refugee and recent immigrant population: a mixed-methods study examining facilitators and barriers
Eric Yung
110 A comprehensive approach to health literacy: validating the All Aspects of Health Literacy (AAHLS) scale in Arabic-speaking adult Syrian refugees
Raafia Siddiqui
111 Preventative Health, Promoting Advocacy: A service-learning model for medical education
Ruth Chiu
112 Implementation and Evaluation of the “FUERTE’ (Family Reunification and Emotional Resiliency Training) Program for recently-immigrated Latino Youth
Eleanor Chung
114 Elevated Glucose Prevalence in New Arrival Refugees
Nasreen Quadri
115 Assessing utility of routine urinalysis screening in the refugee health examination
Bryan Brown
117 1. The Navigator Program – Strengthening Families for a Vibrant Future
Sahar Zohni
118 A scoping review of the post-arrival health needs, issues, and concerns among refugee women in Canada
Afnan Naeem
119 Financial Challenges in Managing Cancer Among Adult Syrian Refugees in South Lebanon
Aishah Alqaderi
120 Culturally Matched Patient Navigators for Non-English, Non-Spanish Speaking Patients within a Safety Net Health Care System
Betsy Ruckard
121 How organized interests redefined the problem of the refugee health policy reforms in Canada: An agenda-setting media analysis
Valentina Antonipillai
122 Assessing developmental delay and demographic characteristics in newcomer children at Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health
Kelly Wilson
123 Comparison of Serological and Stool Testing in the diagnosis of Strongyloidiasis and Schistosomiasis among recently arrived refugees to Canada
Elise Walsh
124 Teaching health professionals to use interpreters: A scoping review
Doug Miller
126 Acceptability, Values, and Accessibility of Infectious Disease Interventions Among European Migrants: A narrative synthesis
Matthew Driedger
127 Healthcare Needs Among Newcomer Syrian Women in the GTA
Sepali Guruge
8 Does a culturally- and linguistically-adapted pre-training increase the efficacy of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training for Bhutanese refugees?
Ashok Gurung
129 Health status of newly arrived unaccompanied asylum-seeking adolescents in Bielefeld, Germany
Matthias Belau