Agenda: Saturday September 11

This symposium has incorporated a minimum of 25% interactive Q&A period in every speaker presentation, workshop and oral session. To further increase opportunities for engagement, the conference committee is providing online tools that allow for the submission of questions and comments from participants.

Time Session Title and Speakers Moderator
09:00 Plenary Session 5
Keynote Speakers
09:10 Opening remarks
Anna Banerji

Keynote address: Refugee Mental Health and Effects of COVID-19
Aniyizhai Annamalai

Keynote address: Challenges of displacement: Climate, conflict, resettlement and barriers to health
Pablo Bose

Anna Banerji
10:40 Health break

Concurrent Workshops – Session 5

Title Presenters Stream Submission Moderator
W34 Harnessing quality Improvement methodology to advocate for equity inimmigrant and refugee healthcare Cara Harasaki Advocacy 1043550 Janine Young
W35 COVID-19 expert declarations: The clinician’s role in securing temporary release of ICE detainees Jeremy Chang Chronic Disease COVID-19 1043573 Hassan Vatanparast
W36 Culturally responsive assessment of cognitive impairment Joelle Taknint Mental Health & PTSD 1042996 Jennifer Cochran
W37 Somatic and Movement Practices to Enhance Resilience for Refugees: How they work and why they matter Kirsten Wilkinson Mental Health & PTSD 1043647 Aniyzhai Annamalai
W38 Pediatric refugee health during the COVID pandemic: case discussions Patricia Li Paediatric Health 1042433 Carolyn Beukeboom
W39 Strategic planning for refugee health research: Prioritizing activities for a research, evaluation, and ethics committee Colleen Payton Research 1033057 Paul Geltman
W40 Developing Community-Led Vaccine Campaigns for Refugee, Immigrant, and Migrant Communities, Using Human-Centered Design Ridhi Arun Vaccination 1042689 Andrea Green
W41 Lesssons learned from the Clinique Mauve working with racialized, migrant and asylum seeking sexually and gender diverse individuals in Montreal Piere-Paul Tellier LGTBI MW2109 James Sutton
12:00 Health break

Plenary Session 6
Considerations for Afghan Refugees
Anna Banerji

12:50 Closing remarks
Chair: Anna Banerji
1:00 Conclusion of Conference