Agenda: Friday September 10

This symposium has incorporated a minimum of 25% interactive Q&A period in every speaker presentation, workshop and oral session. To further increase opportunities for engagement, the conference committee is providing online tools that allow for the submission of questions and comments from participants.

Time Session Title and Speakers Moderator
Plenary Session 3
09:00 Opening remarks
Anna Banerji
09:10 Keynote address: The impact of COVID-19 on refugees: a Global Overview
Mike Woodman
Anna Banerji
09:55 Keynote address: Pregnant Mothers and Powerless Children: Outdated Systems at the US/Mexico Border
Marsha Griffin
Janine Young
10:40 Health break

Concurrent Workshops – Session 3

Title Presenters Stream Submission Moderator
W20 Creating organizers out of advocates: What community organizing can teach us about advancing health equity for our refugee patients Eleanor Emery Advocacy 1041537 Marc Altshuler
W21 How to Write an OpEd: Supporting Migrants Through Opinion Essay Advocacy Katherine McKenzie Advocacy 1046545 Janine Young
W22 Integrating Ethics into Treatment for Refugee Clients: Mental Health Implications Rachel Singer Mental Health & PTSD 1040024 Aniyzhai Annamalai
W23 The National Newcomer Navigation Network: A tool to support collaboration across sectors to improve health outcomes among Newcomers to Canada Mariah Maddock Migration and Resettlement 1052823 Patricia Li
W24 Trauma Informed Approaches for Working with Youth Survivors of War and Torture Nadia Umadat Paediatric/ mental health 1033488 James Sutton
W25 Recommended Travel Vaccinations in migrants and Refugees Aisha Khatib Travel Vaccination MW2107 Patricia Walker
W26 Best practices in advancing maternal health equity during the COVID-19 pandemi (TBC) Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, Jeanne Nizigiyimana & Roseanne Schuster Women’s Health MW2104 Carolyn Beukeboom

Lunch & Visit the Poster & Exhibit Halls


Concurrent Keynotes

  1. Understanding Hepatitis B and C with emphasis in refugee health
    Jose Debes
    Moderator: Marc Altshuler
  2. COVID-19, Humanitarian Emergencies & Forcibly Displaced Persons
    Paul Spiegel
    Moderator: Neil Arya
  3. Tuberculosis
    James Johnston
    Moderator: James Sutton

Oral Abstracts – Session 2

Moderator: Jennifer Cochran

Title Speaker Submission
O25 Promoting interfaith collaborations among refugee service providers Erum Agha 1023778
O26 Health Equity Through Access to Comprehensive Quality Primary Care: The NYC Care Outreach Model Sara Guevara 1041926
O27 Reconciliation: An Indigenous framework for Refugee Wellbeing Asta Rowe 1047956
O28 Borders and Policies: A critical discourse analysis of the dehumanization of Migrant Caravans by North American media Latoya Reid 1052426

Global & Covid
Moderator: Aisha Khatib

Title Speaker Submission
O29 Barriers to Healthcare Access for Refugees Resettled in Connecticut During the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: Qualitative Perspectives from Frontline Providers Rebecca Leff 1043218
O30 Promoting Refugee Health in Resettlement during COVID-19: Experiences and Perspectives of Community Health Workers Julie Tippens 1043588
O31 COVID-19 Infection and Contact Tracing among Refugees in the United States Mengxi Zhang 1048273
O32 A Collaboration to Harmonize COVID-19 Health Messaging and Fill Communication Gaps during initial U.S. Refugee Resettlement Megan Keaveney 1041428

Moderator: Peter Cronkright

Title Speaker Submission
O33 Caring for Refugee Patients: An Interprofessional Crash Course in Resettlement, Medical Intake, and Culture Alana Petrassi 1024882
O34 Model for a Medical Student-Run Asylum Clinic Elizabeth Toll 1036310
O35 Navigating Barriers to Access Higher Education: Academic Credential Evaluation for Displaced & Refugee Students Zachary Holochwost 1044139

Infectious Diseases and Research
Moderator: Anna Banerji

Title Speaker Submission
O36 Engaging Refugee Youth living with HIV into Care – A community-based approach Neerav Desai 1048354
O37 Syphilis Among US-Bound Refugees, 2015-2018 Shannon Fox 1048415
O38 Fewer losses in the cascade of care for latent tuberculosis with solo interferon-gamma release assay screening compared to sequential screening Rachel Talavlikar 1042390
O39 Development of a Story Map as a Clinical Decision-Making Support Tool for Treatment of Intestinal Parasites among Refugees Laura Smock 1037796

Mental Health & PTSD
Moderator: Aniyzhai Annamalai

Title Speaker Submission
O40 Assessing barriers, attitudes, confidence, and knowledge of humanitarian staff responding to suicide risk in Bangladesh Ariel Zarate 1048552
O41 Changing Upstream Social Determinants of Health for Refugees and Immigrants Jan Jenkins 1052683
O42 Addressing survivors of torture mental health through Indigenous land-based healing practice Mbalu Lumor 1043024
O43 Missed torture histories in asylum applicants: assessing the frequency of omissions in forensic medical exams Andrew Milewski 1043559

Moderator: James Sutton

Title Speaker Submission
O44 Growth indicators of Yazidi pediatric refugees resettled in Calgary, AB, Canada Roopa Suppiah 1039651
O45 For the Parent, By the Parent: Creating a Program to Empower Parents of Refugee Background Using Novel Participatory Approaches Pardeep Kaur & Bernice Ho 1043796
O46 Implementing the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for Refugee Pediatric Mental Health: Maryland Pilot Program Emily Fitzpatrick 1044178
O47 Evaluation of a Newcomer Navigator Program for Newly-arrived Immigrant and Refugee Children Patricia Li 1048550

Research & Innovations
Moderator: Hassan Vatanparast

Title Speaker Submission
O48 Patient and Provider Perspectives on Migrants? Access to Prescription Drugs in Ontario Valentina Antonipillai 1048637
O49 Social Risk Screening and Impacts on the Im/migrant Community: A Retrospective Analysis Stephanie Loo 1032868
O50 Virtual Mental Health Trainings for Refugee Communities and Service Providers in the United States Parangkush Subedi 1049661
3:00 Health break

Concurrent Workshops – Session 4

Title Presenters Stream Submission Moderator
W27 A Resilient model of care and advocacy for refugees and immigrants in Canada Ana Pavon Marin Advocacy 1042088 Patricia Li
W28 Resources for newly arrived refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic Megan Keaveney & Emily Jentes Chronic Disease COVID-19 1042165 Peter Cronkright
W29 Cultural considerations in mental health therapy with resettled refugees Erum Agha Mental Health & PTSD 1045556 Aniyzhai Annamalai
W30 Oral health of humanitarian migrants: Canada as a case study Mary Ellen Macdonald Oral health 1048331 Paul Geltman
W31 Refugees are safe in Canada; but how about their nutritional health status Vatanparast Hassan Refugee Nutrition MW2101 Jennifer Cochran
W32 Fever in new refugees Andrea Boggild Refugee Health MW2106 Anna Banerji
W33 Gender as the sixth ground for asylum: Historical, legal and medical perspectives and a call to action Eleanor Emery Gender 1042846 James Sutton
4:15 Health break

Plenary Session IV
“The Cost of Freedom” – working with refugee journalists on a documentary film
James Cullingham & Arzu Yildiz

Anna Banerji
5:15 Closing remarks day 2
Chair: Anna Banerji
5:20 End of Day