Friday June 14 2019


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote: What the Rohingya Crisis Teaches us About Refugees
The Honourable Bob Rae


Keynote: Trends in Migration Health: Are there Lessons from Regularized Migration that can be Applied Irregular Migration Flows?

Martin Cetron


Keynote: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC): Latest Developments on Refugee Health
Michael MacKinnon




Oral Presentations | Session 1


  • Forced Migration from Central America: A Humanitarian Crisis
    Linn Biorklund Belliveau
  • Expanding the Circle of Care: Embedded Interpreters as an Effective Resource for Overcoming Cultural and Linguistic Barriers
    Will Allen
  • Lessons Learned from the Formation of the Refugee and Immigrant Health and Wellness Alliance of Atlanta (RIHWA)
    Parminder Suchdev

Chronic Diseases

  • Diabetes and Disasters: Challenges and Obstacles
    Nizar Albache
  • Outcomes of the Diabetes Care Program for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
    Ibrahim al-Masri
  • Upstream Prevention: Grappling with Hypertension in a Kenyan Refugee Camp
    Naima Osman
  • Current Progress and Future Directions in the Double Burden of Malnutrition among Women in South and Southeast Asian Countries
    Tuhin Biswas


  • Implementation of a Health Systems Navigation Curriculum for Refugees
    Pooja Agrawal
  • Creating MABHI: A Health Information Resource for the Refugee and Immigrant Community in Kansas City
    Julie Robinson
  • Community Health Training on the Thai-Burma Border
    Kaitie Warren
  • Building Relationships through Health Education and Promotion: Findings from the Nashville Neighbors Pilot
    Marianne Zape

Global Health/Migration

  • “My Heart Feels Chained”: The Relationship Between Economic Precarity and Health for Syrian Refugee Parents Living in Lebanon
    Bree Akesson
  • Updates on IOM Pilot Intervention to Improve Continuity of Care of U.S.-bound Refugees with Complex Medical Conditions
    Susan Dicker
  • Increasing Health Access for Immigrants and Refugees via a Nurse Advice Line in Denver, Colorado
    Cara Harasaki

Mental Health

  • Collaborative Mental Health Care with Refugees using Narrative Exposure Therapy
    Azaad Kassam
  • Severity of Psychological Distress and Suicidal Ideation among Asylum Seekers
    Anna Leiler
  • Depression among Middle-Aged and Older Canadian Refugees in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging: The Fundamental Role of Social Support
    Shen (Lamson) Lin
  • Coming to the U.S. is a “Different Hard Time.” Promoting Mental Health Awareness with Resettled Refugees
    Margaret Costantino

Pediatric Health

  • Academic Achievement and Psychosocial Adjustment in Refugee School-Aged Children – A Systematic Review
    Fariba Aghajafari
  • Barriers to Student Immunization at a Refugee-Centred School in Ontario – Filling a System Gap
    Tomoko Fukushima
  • Blood Lead Levels among Afghan Special Immigrant Children in 9 US States, 2014-2016
    Clelia Pezzi

Refugee Screening

  • Health Profile of Pediatric Special Immigrant Visa Applicants from Iraq and Afghanistan, 2009-2017
    Simone Wien
  • Health Profile of Adult Special Immigrant Visa Applicants from Iraq & Afghanistan, Electronic Disease Notification System, 2009-2017
    Gayathri Kumar
  • Role of Pre-departure Health Assessment in Detecting Undiagnosed Medical Conditions Among Refugees: Jordan Experience 2018
    Rasha Shoumar


  • Knowledge Translation and Better Healthcare for Migrants in Canada: What is the Responsibility of Health Funders and Researchers?
    Lisa Merry
  • Ethics and Refugee Health: A Review of Ethical Considerations and Procedures in Published Refugee Health Literature, 2015-2018
    Nina Marano
  • Conducting Research in Post-Conflict Settings: Lessons from Northern Sri Lanka
    Fiona C. Thomas
  • Examining Stakeholders’ Views on Refugee Healthcare Needs, Future Healthcare Direction, and Current Barriers in Accessing Healthcare Services in New Zealand
    Bafreen Sherif

Syrian Refugee Crisis

  • Clinic Utilization at a Specialized Refugee Health Clinic in Calgary, Canada: before, during and after the Syrian Refugee Initiative
    Eric Norrie
  • Healthcare Providers’ Experiences During a Syrian Refugee Influx Among a Dedicated Refugee Clinic and Partner Community Clinics in Calgary, Canada
    Gabriel Fabreau
  • Depression among Syrian Refugees: Findings from a Canadian Longitudinal Study
    Farah Ahmad


Concurrent Workshop

  • Strategies for Publishing and Publicizing Your Work in Refugee Health
    Sana Loue and Paul Geltman




Concurrent Plenaries

Hepatitis C
Jordan Feld

Refugee Health Doctors: Share your Thoughts on the Canadian Immigration Medical Screening of Refugees
Della Faulkner

Syrian Mental Health
Arash Javanbakht

North American Pediatric Refugee Screening Guidelines – Evidence and Key Recommendations
Janine Young and Mahli Brindamour


Buffet Lunch | Posters and Exhibitors


Concurrent Workshops | Session 1


  • 2019 Update in US Asylum Law and Asylum Medicine
    Katherine McKenzie

Chronic Disease

  • Developing and implementing a Diabetes Care Program for urban and peri-urban Syrian refugees in Lebanon
    Ibrahim Al Masri


  • Deaf Refugee Advocacy -The Benefits of Using Deaf Advocates for Deaf Refugee
    Diana Pryntz

Communication 2

  • Culturally Adapting and Translating Screening Tools: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Abigail Grant

Infectious Disease

  • How Do We Make the Link?  HIV Primary Care for Newcomer Refugees and Linking to Care in Toronto, Ontario
    Praseedha Janakiram


  • Providing Culturally Appropriate Care for LGTBI+ Migrants and Refugees (Part 1)
    Gabriel Schirvar


  • First Point of Contact: Canada’s Refugee Health Clinics: Structure, Care Models, Strengths and Challenges
    Meb Rashid




Concurrent Workshops | Session 2


  • “My Lawyer Said I Need a Doctor’s Letter…”: Enhancing Medical Reports for Refugee Claims in the Canadian Context
    Vanessa Redditt

Chronic Disease

  • The Cards you are Dealt: Exploring Post-Migration Case-Management for Newcomers with Complex Health Needs
    Sara Abdo


  • How to Talk to your Informatics Team about Electronic Health Record-Based Tools to Promote Refugee Health Screening
    Evan Orenstein


  • Identification and Management of Common Dental Issues Among Refugees for the Non-Dental Professional
    Sherri Schwartz

Mental Health

  • Strategies for Engaging Refugee Communities in Mental Health Services
    Emma Cardeli


  • Providing Culturally Appropriate Care for LGTBI+ Migrants and Refugees (Part 2)
    Gabriel Schirvar

Paediatric Health

  • Controversies and Challenges in Pediatric Refugee Care
    Mahli Brindamour

Women’s Health

  • Ethics of Practice with Resettled Refugee Women: Cultural Competence Workshop
    Erum Agha




Keynote: Protecting Some of the Most Vulnerable People: Unaccompanied Refugee Children from Central America
Wendy Young


Refugee Stories and Entertainment From A2VT


Reception | Posters and Exhibitors