Saturday June 15 2019


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Asylum Medicine Interest Group (Sign-up Only)


Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health: Manuscript Consultations
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Keynote: PTSD in Different Settings Globally
Michael Hollifield


Keynote: North America’s Role in Protecting LGBTQI Refugees. A Canadian Perspective
Kimalhi Powell




Oral Presentations | Session 2


  • The Proposed Rule on Public Charge and its Implications for U.S. Citizen Children with Non-Citizen Parents
    Katalin Vinkler
  • Healthcare for Refugees: Reflections on Advocacy Efforts in Alberta
    Astrid Velasquez
  • Canadian Born Children whose Parents have Precarious Immigration Status: A Strategy to Guarantee Access to Health Care in Quebec
    Chloé Cebron
  • Access to Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatments for Uninsured Migrants in Quebec: The Struggle and the Initiatives
    Justine Daoust-Lalande


  • Beyond the Clinic: The Evolution of Refugee Health Education towards Holistic Care, Community Engagement and Interaction within MUN MED Gateway
    Nguyet Nguyen
  • Serving Bhutanese-Nepali Patients in an Urban Family Medicine Residency Clinic
    Jamie Robinson
  • Utilization of Refugee/Immigrant Health Guidelines and Resources by Trainees at a large US Children’s Hospital
    Dibya Subedi
  • Incorporating Health and Human Rights in Medical Education
    Hope Ferdowsian

Global Health/Migration/Settlement

  • Expect the Unexpected: From Registration till Resettlement of Urban Rohingya Refugees – the Experiences of UNHCR and IOM Malaysia
    Chun Ting Wong
  • A Physical Exam Quality Control Tool for the Refugee Health Assessment
    Arun Chadran Kumar
  • A Physical Exam Guide to Improve Diagnosis in Refugees
    Arun Chadran Kumar
  • Managing Mental Health of Refugees in a Remote Setting – Experience from Kigoma
    Nicholaus Nderero

Paediatric Health

  • Infant Feeding Patterns among Refugees in Athens, Greece: 2017-18
    Anne Merewood
  • Identifying Sources of Strength and Stress in Young Refugee Families Before and After Migration to the United States
    Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn
  • Promoting Refugee Infant Development through Examining Risk and Resilience Models
    Anne Brassell

Refugee Screening

  • Outcomes of a Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Program among Syrian Women Refugees in Lebanon
    Ibrahim AlMasri
  • The e-STAR-MH: A Rapid, Digital Screening Tool for Mental Disorders in Asylum Seekers and Refugees
    Debbie Hocking
  • Barriers to TB Evaluation and Treatment among Immigrants and Refugees-Arizona, 2015-2017
    Amanda Swanson
  • Access to Mental Health Care for Resettled Refugees in the United States: Perspectives of Frontline Refugee Resettlement Professionals
    Justine Lewis


  • A Home Visit Model for Health Education for Newly Resettled Refugee Families
    Romany Redman
  • Factors in Young Adult Refugees’ Primary Care Use
    Sarah Brewer
  • Towards an Understanding of Women’s Service and Support Needs Related to Intimate Partner Violence in Resettlement
    Karin Wachter
  • The Role of General Practice in Meeting the Needs of Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Learning from Sweden, Germany, and Italy
    Jessica Smith

Syrian Refugee Crisis

  • Mapping Diverse Genetic Disorders and Rare Diseases among Syrian Population: Implications on Refugee Health and Health Services in Host Countries
    Soha Yazbek
  • Spirituality as a Pillar of Hope for Syrian Refugee Families: Creating Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services in Lebanon
    Bree Akesson
  • Early Primary Care Navigation of Population-based Cohorts of Resettled Refugees in Ontario: Findings from the Syrian Commitment
    Astrid Guttmann
  • The Impact of Unemployment on the Mental Health Status of Syrian Refugee Men Resettling in Canada
    Jonathan Bridekirk

Women’s Health

  • Voices of Women Refugee Claimants Accessing Reproductive Health Care Services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Hellen Gateri
  • Prenatal Group Visits for Afghan Refugee Women
    Shoshana Aleinikoff
  • The Women Wellness Program – A Culturally Customizable Program for Newcomer Women
    Khaled Elkazaz
  • Perinatal Health Care Through a Refugee Lens
    Kendra Weerheim




Concurrent Plenaries

Best Practices for Conducting Asylum Evaluations
Katherine McKenzie

Updates to CDC’s Domestic Screening Guidelines for Adult Refugees
Marc Altshuler

Parasites and Workup of Eosinophilia in Refugee Populations
Andrea Boggild

The Rohingya: A People of Resilience
Nazneen Uddin


Buffet Lunch | Exhibitors

  • Movie: Health Undocumented Movie
    Director: Juan Freitez
  • Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers AGM & Student Poster Competition Award


Concurrent Workshops | Session 3


  • How to Be an Effective Clinician Advocate: Speaking, Writing and Organizing in Support of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
    Katherine McKenzie

Chronic Disease

  • Improved Medication Adherence and Outcomes in Refugees with LTBI and Chronic Disease through Incorporation of Clinical Pharmacists into Interdisciplinary
    Kimberly Carter


  • Framing Works! How to Use Evidence-Based Communication Tools to Advocate for Immigrant and Refugee Families
    Julie Linton


  • “Are they Genuine Refugees? …I didn’t Really Need to Know.” Dual Loyalty and Political Discourse within Australia’s Immigration Detention System
    Ebony Birchall

Mental Health

  • Best Practices in Mental Health Assistance to Refugees and Immigrants
    Adrienne Carter

Refugee Education

  • Healing Trauma Through The Creation of Safe Spaces
    Omar Reda

Refugee Screening

  • Delivering Refugee Healthcare in a Community Setting
    Satoko Kanahara


  • Improving Health by Engaging Refugees: Creating a Community-based Research Network
    Sarah Brewer




Concurrent Workshops | Session 4


  • Leveraging the Medical-Legal Partnership for Detained Immigrants: Ending Deaths in Detention
    Kate Sugarman


  • Challenges in Founding and Developing Student-Run Asylum Clinics
    Fangning Gu


  • Setting the Triadic Stage for Success: Working Effectively with Healthcare Interpreters to Overcome Language Barriers
    Rosanna Balistreri


  • A Project to Enhance Mental Health Screening in the Humanitarian Setting
    Michael Hollifield


  • Immunization Considerations in Refugee Children
    Patricia Li, Paul Geltman and Mahli Brindamour

Mental Health 1

  • Behavioral Health Integration and Team-Based Care in an Immigrant-Refugee Health Clinic
    Laurie Greco

Mental Health 2

  • Promising Practices of Trauma Treatment for Refugees, Social Work Perspective
    Asmaa Cober

Paediatric Health 1

  • Trauma-Informed Approach for Working with Child and Youth Survivors of War and Torture
    Nadia Umadat

Paediatric Health 2

  • A Migrating Adolescence: Caring for Unaccompanied Minors Seeking Asylum in the United States
    Karla Fredricks




Refugee Stories: Escape from ISIS
Zozeya Hassan