Sunday June 16 2019


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Breakfast with the Experts
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Keynote: Stress, Risk and Resilience in Syrian Refugees in the US: A Project of Prevalence, Culture, Environment, Interventions, and Illness Course
Arash Javanbakht


Keynote: Responding to the Needs of Border-Crossing Children
Mark Greenberg and Paul Caulford




Oral Presentations | Session 3

Global Health/Migration

  • Pilot Assessment of Infant Feeding in Emergencies Implementation at Refugee Camps in Attica, Greece
    Anne Merewood
  • Social Capital: Supportive of Bhutanese Refugees’ Integration in the U.S.
    Justine Lewis
  • The Cultural Aspects of Foraging Behavior of S.E. Asians and the Associated Risks
    Theresa Mata
  • The U.S. Refugee Health Promotion Program: A National Overview
    Allison Pauly


  • Beyond Positive Intentions: Providing Equitable Services for Newcomer LGBTQ+ Refugee Women
    Serena Nudel
  • Mental Health and the Post-Migration Experiences of LGBTQ Asylum Seekers in North America
    Samara Fox
  • “Casualties of Care”: LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers in Canada
    Khadijah Kanji

Mental Health

  • Bringing Mental Health to Refugees in the Afterschool Space: From Chaos to Calm
    Lenita Dunlap
  • Compassionate Listening: Effective Care for Refugee Clients in Primary Care Settings
    Joanne Gardiner
  • Cultural Consultation: A Model for Working with Refugee Trauma
    Ayse Ceren Kaypak
  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Understand Refugee Integration Status
    Lisa Gren


  • Oral Health Status and Help-Seeking for People with Refugee and Asylum Seeking Backgrounds from the Middle East in Australia
    Clemence Due
  • Including Participants: Examining the Implementation of Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) to Empower the Somali Community in Arizona
    Cynthia Mackey
  • A Scoping Review on Approaches and Interventions that Target Gender-Based Violence amongst Refugee Youth
    Tali Filler

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

  • Community-Led Emergency Medical Services to Improve Health Outcomes for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
    Punam Ganguly
  • Capacity-Building in Evidence-based Psychotherapy for Distressed Rohingyas in Camps at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
    Lena Verdeli
  • Providing Medical Care and Psychosocial Support to Rohingya Refugee Survivors of Sexual Violence
    Colleen Dockerty

Women’s Health

  • Community Conversations: The Importance of Community Engagement in Improving the Care and Reducing the Risk of Female Genital Cutting
    Hilary Chester
  • Gender and Intersectionality among Refugee Women’s Health in Canada: Knowledge Translation and Exchange Exercise
    Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan Qadar
  • Reproductive Health Care Knowledge in Rohingya Refugees
    Karen Arnold


Buffet Lunch | Posters and Exhibitors


Concurrent Workshops | Session 5

Mental Health

  • Dance/Movement Therapy Techniques for Addressing Trauma in Refugees
    Lana Grasser

Paediatric Health 1

  • Supporting Immigrant and Refugee Parents when their Children are Ill or have a Special Health Need
    Judith Colbert

Paediatric Health 2

  • Pediatric Guidelines for Refugee Health Screening: Understanding the Evidence from Canada and the US
    Janine Young

Refugee Education

  • Immigrant and Refugee Health Curricular Development Working Group
    Sural Shah

Refugee Screening

  • Update on the Centers of Excellence in Refugee Health Tools for the Refugee Health Community
    Emily Jentes


  • Refugee Health Literature and Research 101: A How to Guide
    Natalia Golub


  • Care for the Carers: Managing Secondary Trauma Exposure for Clinicians
    Rachel Cohen


  • Bridging Gaps in Vaccination for US-Bound Refugees
    Kibrten Hailu

Women’s Health

  • Refugee Health and the Intersection of Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
    Casey Swegman




Concurrent Workshops | Session 6

Access to Care

  • OHIP for All: Fighting for Access to Healthcare for All Residents of Ontario
    Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy


  • Road to Refuge: Overview of the Refugee Claimant/Asylum Seeker Process and its Impact on Health in Canada and the USA
    Meb Rashid

Mental Health

  • Mindfulness, Values, and Exposure: An Integrative Approach to Treating PTSD and Depression in Arabic-speaking Refugees
    Laurie Greco


  • Roundtable for Clinic Directors on Sharing Successful Funding Strategies
    Michael Stephenson

Women’s Health

  • Caring for Pregnant Women outside of the Public Medical System: Ethical Dilemmas and Making Medical Decisions
    Justine Daoust-Lalande

3:00- 3:15



Keynote: Staying Resilient in a Crisis Driven Environment
Maya Prabhu


Closing Remarks