Preliminary Agenda: Thursday September 9

Time Session Title and Speakers
0900 Opening remarks
Anna Banerji, Commitee Conference Chair
09:10 Keynote address
Stephen Cornish
09:55 Keynote address
Martin Cetron
10:40 Health break

Concurrent Workshops – Session 1

Title Presenters Stream Submission
Improving opportunities for Health Outreach among Individuals Granted Asylum in the United States Gayathri Kumar Advocacy 1026678
Clinician Advocacy to Support Refugees, Immigrants, and Asylum Seekers Katherine McKenzie Advocacy 1044749
Gender Based Violence During Displacement and Resettlement Rahel Hailemichael Gender 1048385
Talking about Stress: Mental Health Conversations in Languages Other Than English Kate Yun Mental Health & PTSD 1036608
Canada’s Refugee Health Clinics Amidst COVID-19: structure, care models, strengths and challenges Gabriel Fabreau Migration and Resettlement 1043831
Addressing the impact of family loss and separation on refugee youth: Implications for programming and policy development Huda El-Zein Paediatric Health 1044028
Malaria and splenomegaly William Stauffer Infectious Disease MW2105
COVID-19 Response Perspectives of public health jurisdictions, health systems and community based organizations with Refugee, Immigrant and Migrant Communities Erin Mann MW2102


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Concurrent Keynotes

  1. What’s new in refugee health in America?
    To Be Announced
  2. What’s new in refugee health in Canada?
    Craig Shankar
  3. Global health talk
    To Be Announced
2:00 Health break

Oral Abstracts – Session 1

Chronic Diseases & Nutrition

Title Speaker Submission
Barriers to accessing health services for Syrian refugees in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic: the challenge of virtual health services Anna Oda 1048538
Integrated Care Management to Improve Diabetes Outcomes in Refugee and Immigrant Patients (I-Care) Waseem Sous 1052282
Dietary Intake and Nutritional Status among Refugees in Host Countries: a Systematic Review Jacob Khuri 1048156
Food security of Syrian refugee households who arrived in Canada after 2015 Samer Al-Bazz 1048075

Global Health

Title Speaker Submission
Planetary Health concerns for Migrants in Mexico and Northern Central America Carol Devine 1038747
Navigating the Legal System: Ambiguity and Uncertainty for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Lamis Jomaa 1043404
Coordinating IOM Resettlement Activities in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic Alexander Klosovsky 1043238
SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Information and Healthcare Disparities amongst Global Refugees: A Comparative Analysis Steven Repas 1043344

Mental Health

Title Speaker Submission
Silent crisis: Community insights on suicide among displaced Rohingya in Bangladesh Ariel Zarate 1044819
Suicide Prevention Subgroup of Cox’s Bazar: A coordinated response approach to community-centered suicide prevention in humanitarian crises Ariel Zarate 1048562
Explaining Variation in Refugees’ Post-Traumatic Stress and Depression Outcomes in Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, and Uganda Shannon Golden 1046867
Survivors of Daesh: Characterization of Health Conditions Among Yazidi Refugees Resettled to Canada Nour Hassan 1048297

Women’s Health

Title Speaker Submission
Involuntary Sterilization Among Women from North and Central America Seeking Asylum in the U.S. Elizabeth Yim 1042310
Reproductive Health of US-Resident Women from Countries that Practice Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C): Women’s Health Needs Study Pilot Findings Lillian Whiting-Collins 1043754
Cervical cancer screening among resettled refugee women accessing care in an integrated safety-net setting Serena Rodriguez 1044264
Mental health services for refugee mother-daughter dyads Erum Agha 1043047

Gender and LGBTQI

Title Speaker Submission
Reaching Through the Cracks: An LGBTQ2+ Sexual Health & HIV Co-Design Initiative William Porter 1043457
Mental Health and Unmet Social Needs of Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Seekers Stephanie Loo 1043733
Health, gender, and war trauma: 5 year post-resettlement health in a cohort of Karen war-affected adults Sarah Hoffman 1042867


Title Speaker Submission
Refugee Immunization Information Systems Exchange (RIISE) Project 2021 Updates Megan Keaveney 1044926
The SHIFA Project: Developing a Culturally and Linguistically Sensitive VR Educational Platform to Improve Vaccine Acceptance Within a Refugee Population Samantha Streuli 1042898
Perceived Barriers and Facilitators of COVID-19 Vaccination of Refugee, Immigrant, and Migrant Communities Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn 1041845


Title Speaker Submission
Community-based Collaboration: Meeting Refugees’ Needs During COVID-19 Mary Helen O’Connor 1046420
A Collaboration to Harmonize COVID-19 Health Messaging and Fill Communication Gaps during initial U.S. Refugee Resettlement Megan Keaveney 1041428
COVID-19 restrictions and their impacts on migrant health in humanitarian contexts Carol Devine 1048530
Exploring and Addressing the Healthcare Challenges of Refugees and Immigrant Families During the Covid-19 Pandemic Patricia Li 1048481
3:15 Health break

Concurrent Workshops – Session 2

Title Presenters Stream Submission
Facilitating the Path to Citizenship through Medical, Legal and Community Partnership Anne Ryan Advocacy 1041823
We can do (no) harm: Building cultural responsiveness in refugee mental health training Sandra Mattar Advocacy 1045287
HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Updates for Refugee Health Providers Amir Mohareb Infectious Disease 1048512
Lessons learned in setting up a unique mental health treatment centre for refugees and Immigrants Adrienne Carter Mental Health & PTSD 1042937
Collaborative complex case management in a pandemic Astrid Velasquez Migration and Resettlement 1048598
Centers for excellence in newcomer health: Updates to the CDC domestic medical screening guidance Jenna Beeler Refugee Screening 1040732
Lead exposure and prevention in refugee communities: A guide to resources Lois Wessel Refugee Screening 1051633
How telemedicine can support access to refugee health and underserved populations. Tim Froggin Global Health MW2108
4:30 Health break

Plenary Session 2
Keynote address
Sahar Bahadi

5:30 Closing remarks day 1
Anna Banerji, Conference Committee Chair
5:45 Optional: Research Committe Meeting