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7:00-8:00 Registration & Breakfast
8:00-8:15 Welcome
Dr. Anna Banerji, Dr. Theresa Tam, Marty Cetron, Jim Sutton, Jay McGillivray
8:15-9:00 PTSD and Refugees
Dr. Peter Polatin
9:00-9:45 Global refugee health and IOM
Dr. Davide Mosca
9:45-10:00 Break
  • Co-Plenary #1 – What’s New in Refugee Health in Canada
    Dr. Theresa Tam
  • Co-Plenary #2 – What’s New in Refugee Health in America
    Nina Marano and Marty Cetron
  • Co-Plenary #3 – What’s New in Refugee Health Globally
    Speaker TBD
11:00-11:05 Travel Time

Oral Presentations | Session 1


Did the prevalence of chronic diseases among US-bound refugees from Burma increase during 2007 to 2016? Barbara Bardenheie, Christina Phares, Diane Simpson, Edward Gregg, Pyone Cho, Stephen Benoit, Nina Marano
Resettlement of people living with disabilities from refugee backgrounds in Australia: a needs analysis Philippa Duell-Piening, Assunta Hunter, Samantha Furneaux
Psychological distress and disability among persons aged 60 years and older in government and non-government controlled conflict-affected areas in Ukraine Aimee Summers, Eva Leidman, Oleg Bilukha
Mental illness and its association with Hypertension among recently arrived Refugees and Refugee Claimants to Canada Gabriel Fabreau

Syrian / Mental Health

Experiences of Syrian Refugee Parents Caring for their Children in the Context of Displacement Bree Akesson, Dena Badawi
Medical and Mental Health Issues in Syrian Refugees Charles Hui, Kevin Pottie, Tobey Audcent, Tony Barozzino, Meb Rashid, Anna Banerji, Morton Beiser, Louise Auger, Anne Rowan-Legg, Charlotte Hepburn-Moore
Exploring the health and mental health needs and service use of Syrian refugees in Toronto Andrew Tuck, Anna Oda, Branka Agic, Brenda Roche, Michaela Hynie, Kwame McKenzie
A qualitative investigation of the mental health needs of Syrian refugees and immigrants Kwame McKenzie, Michaela Hynie, Branca Agic, Sean Kidd

Education / Communication

Young Australian’s Education and Employment transitions: Comparing immigrants from refugee source countries to their Australian peers Alison Childs
Influence of Income and Education on Health Outcomes of Bosnian Refugees in the United States Tanja Zanin, Pooja Agrawal
Beyond Borders: Using Communication to Change Lives Katherine Hansen
Strategy for Improving Refugee Care Services – Use of Contract Interpreters Abby Davids, Margaret Mortimer, Jamie Strain, Jill Chrisman, Jeanne d’Ar Muhire


Strategies to Improve Refugee Vaccination Records Access to US Providers Deborah Lee, Yoni Haber, Denial Wenger, Mary Hamilton, Emily Jentes
Vaccination versus Serotesting: Determining cost-effective strategies for Varicella, Hepatitis A, and Measles, Mumps, and Rubella for newly arrived refugees Karl Kirby, Hayder Allkhenfr, Diane Chapman, Ji Won Chang
Immunization Coverage Among Syrian Refugee Children in Berlin Laila Fozouni, George Rutherford
Addressing Provider Barriers to Refugee Vaccination in Colorado Elizabeth Abbott


FGC Community-Centered Health Care and Prevention Program Bethlehem Degu, Kristin Brownell
Beyond Navigation: Improving health seeking experiences of newcomer women in British Columbia (BC), Canada Caitlin Johnston, Ann Pederson, Andrea Bever
Assessing Satisfaction of Refugee Women in Accessing and Utilizing a Dedicated Prenatal Clinic: A Cross-Sectional Survey Sarah Giesel, Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, Aduragbem Banke-Thomas, Jeanne Nizigiyimana


(Non)Citizenship and the IFHP: Power and Resistance in Toronto’s Healthcare Sector Laura Connoy
(D)Evaluation of Refugees in Germany: Prevalence and Predictors of Anti-Refugee, Xenophobic, and Islamophobic Attitudes Constantin Klein, Heinz Streib
Politicizing the White Coat: Medical Activism and Refugee Health Policy in Toronto, Berlin and London Samantha Jackson
Discrimination and health for asylum seekers and refugees resettled in South Australia Anna Ziersch, Clemence Due, Moira Walsh

Innovation / Interprofessional

Telemedicine: Bridging the gap between refugee health and health services accessibility in Hamilton, Ontario Anthony Sandre, K. Bruce Newbold
The Inter-Professional, Collaborative Practice Approach to Refugee Health Care in Winnipeg Manitoba. Kimberley Hiebert, Traicy Roberston, Alfred Koineh Felicien Rubayita
Embedding occupational therapy intervention within an existing refugee health program Stephen Kern, Jessica Nambudiri
Healthy Partnerships for Healthy Smiles Lyne Lafrance

Therapy / Treatment

‘I am not deaf’: Arts-based participatory action research with refugee women from Burma Hillary Rubesin
Yoga for Refugees: A Mixed Methods Evaluation Danielle Begg, Helen Bibby, Tonet Ortega, David Perez, Kedar Maharjan, Mariano Coello
Beyond Words — Using Creative Arts Therapies with Refugees: Programs, Methods and Effectiveness, with a focus on Syrian Refugees Maya Ross, Julia Puebla Fortier
A Photographic Inquiry into What Sustains Care Providers Working in Contexts of Displacement Nisha Sajnani, Oscar Palacio
12:05-1:00 Lunch | Posters and Exhibitors
Meeting By Invitation Only: CDC

Workshops | Session 1

Immigrant and Refugee Health Curricular Development Working Group. Part One of Two Janine Young, Sural shah, Anna Banerji, Paul Geltman, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, William Stauffer, Sarah Kimball, Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Marc Altshuler, Andrea Green, Shoshana Aleinikoff, Brett Stark
Refugee Dental and Oral Health Services: Toronto Public Health Dr Michele Wong
Rights to health coverage for children of vulnerable migrants: shifting from case by case negotiations to systemic change Chloé Cérbon, Marianne Leaune-Welt
The Case Against Torture Wendell Block
Resilience in Asylum, Immigrant, and Refugee Medicine: Self-Care and Support to Promote Long-Term Involvement and Well-Being of Clinicians Katherine Mckenzie, Katalin Roth, Sarah Kimball, Dennis Wang
The Immigration Medical Exam: A Myth-buster Workshop Della Faulkner
OHIP for All: Fighting for Access to Care for All Residents of Ontario Ritika Goel, Andrea Bobadilla, Anjara Aery, Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy
Multi-Method Research on Refugee Health from an Interdisciplinary Perspective: The Approach of the German Study FlueGe I. Quantitative Survey Annika Laukamp, Matthias Belau, Victoria Béttcher, Jana-Freja Frommann, Constantin Klein, Bastian Surmann, Florian Fischer, Alexander Krémer
2:00-2:05 Travel Time

Workshops | Session 2

Immigrant and Refugee Health Curricular Development Working Group. Part Two of Two Janine Young, Sural shah, Anna Banerji, Paul Geltman, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, William Stauffer, Sarah Kimball, Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Marc Altshuler, Andrea Green, Shoshana Aleinikoff, Brett Stark
Medical Screening Data Exchange, Integration, and Visualization Paul Gillenwater, Deborah Aragon, Emily Jentes, Breanna Kawasaki, Lori kennedy, Carol Tumaylle
Best practices for providers working with interpreters – and why it’s important Sarah Clarke, Janice Jaffe, Raewyn Mutch
Supporting Syrian Refugees through a Rapid Primary Health Care Response- A collaborative reflection from three Community Health Centres in Ontario Kim Cook, Siffan Rahman, Sideeka Narayan
Engaging Partnerships: Overseas and domestic systems collaborating to receive refugees with significant health needs Susan Dicker, Ellen Frerich, Marge Higgins, Alexander Klosovsky, Blain Mamo, Catherine Yen
Building capacity to care for refugees: Nuts and Bolts of setting up refugee health care services in your clinical site Olga Valdman, Ranit Mishori, Martha Carlough, Jeff Walden
Research with refugees 101 Michaela Hynie, Christina Clark-Kazak
Topic TBD George Kroupin
3:05-3:20 Break
  • Co-Plenary #1 – Hepatitis B
    Dr. Jordan Feld
  • Co-Plenary #2 – LGBTIQ
    Jay MacGillivray, Kimahli Powell
  • Co-Plenary #3 – Workup and Management of Intestinal Parasites in Refugees
    Dr. Andrea Boggild
4:20-5:20 Plenary
Susan Ormiston
5:20-6:00 Refugee Story and Reception
Music by Wanes Moubayed
6:00 Adjourn Day 1