Refugee Stories


Representing Somalia, Tanzania and Burundi and currently living in Burlington, Vermont, A2VT synthesizes their native African musical and dance roots with Western pop and Hip Hop sensibilities. Their songs, performed in up to eight unique languages, reflect their journey from Africa to America, and celebrate the musical collision of two continents and the party that ensues!

A2VT came together in 2008 when African youths Jilib and MG Man were resettled in Burlington, Vermont as refugees from their war-torn home countries. There they met producer David Cooper, who had recently moved to VT from NYC and just set up his recording studio. After a couple of years of writing and recording together, the music CD, “Africa, Vermont” was released, spawning the local single and internet sensation, “Winooski, My Town.” A follow up album is in production, already spawning several singles and videos (“Ghetto,” “Faas Waa,” “Let’s Get Together”). A2VT have performed all over New England and in Canada.

Founding members:

Jilib (Somalia): Lead vocals, dancer
MG Man (Burundi/Tanzania): Lead vocals, dancer

Special Guest:

L’il B (Burundi/Tanzania): Lead vocals, dancer


Olivier Enwa: (Congo/Mozambique/Tanzania): Dancer, vocals
Fantome J: (Nigeria): Dancer, vocals
Dogo Janja: (Congo/Mozambique/Tanzania): Dancer, vocals
Susmita Dhakal: (Bhutan/Nepal): Dancer


2012 “Africa, Vermont” CD Album
2013 “Winooski, My Town” CD single/video
2014 “Africa (I’m Coming Back To You)” video
2016 “Let’s Get Together” CD Single
2017 “Ghetto” CD Single
2018 “Faas Waa” CD Single
2019 New album due (Title TBD)