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Thank you!<\/h2>\n

The North American Refugee Health Conference 2017, the largest refugee health conference of its kind, was held this June in Toronto. Designed for those at the frontline in addressing refugee health needs, this biennial conference welcomed over 650 speakers and participants making this year a great success.<\/p>\n

This one of a kind event provided participants with access to the most recent research, best practices in refugee health, and a great opportunity for networking. Dr. Peter Polatin, a world expert in psychiatry opened the conference with a talk on PTSD in refugees. This was followed by 12 concurrent sessions, 52 workshops and 88 oral presentations over the three days of the conference. Between sessions, there were over 100 posters on display covering the latest research and best practices in refugee integration, education and mental health. Topics included: updates in refugee health policy in North America and overseas; Global Challenges for LGBTI Refugees; Recommendations for Future Humanitarian Action; and the migrations of vulnerable populations from American to Canada, and from Latin America.<\/p>\n

The personal stories of those who witnessed or experienced the refugee crisis stood out. Susan Ormiston, a journalist with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation gave her accounts of reporting as the Syrian crisis unfolded and following the challenges and successes of a young Syrian family on their journey to Canada. Courageous individuals who lived the perilous refugee journey, shared their stories of loss, resilience and success. Dr. Vanig Garabedian a Syrian gynaecologist, described what it was like to continue to work in Syria despite the hospital being bombed and conducting procedures without electricity; Nevzat Keskin a Kurdish television journalist, in a heart-wrenching account, showed pictures of his house before and after it was bombed in Turkey; Wanes Moubayed, a Syrian violinist, is now playing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
\nDr. Anna Banerji, Conference Director and Chair, noted that the commitment and dedication of participants as key to the conference\u2019s success. \u201cThese individuals are so passionate. Their continued efforts are improving health care for refugee populations and protecting human rights. There is a sense of hope and commitment to make things better. It is great to be a part of this.\u201d <\/p>\n

The next North American Refugee Health Conference will be held in 2018 in Portland Oregon and then return to Toronto in 2019. View highlights from the 2017 conference here<\/a>. <\/p>\n


\n Keynote Speakers
\n <\/a>\n<\/p>\n

\n Peter Barth Polatin MD, MPH<\/small><\/strong>
\n Clinical Faculty, Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma
\n Cambridge, MA
\n Volunteer Consultant in Refugee Mental Health
\n International Rescue Committee
\n Dallas, TX<\/small><\/p>\n

Martin Cetron MD<\/small><\/strong>
\n Director
\n Division of Global Migration and Quarantine
\n Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
\n Atlanta, GA<\/small><\/p>\n

Jordan Jay Feld MD, MPH, FRCPC<\/small><\/strong>
\n Gastroenterologist & Associate Professor of Medicine
\n Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
\n Toronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Brian Gushulak MD<\/small><\/strong>
\n Migration Health Consultants, Inc.
\n Vancouver, BC<\/small><\/p>\n

\tMichael Mackinnon<\/strong>
\n \tSenior Director of Migration Health Policy and Partnerships, Migration Health Branch \u2013 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
\n \tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Alex Neve<\/small><\/strong>
\n Secretary General
\n Amnesty International Canada
\n Ottawa, ON<\/small><\/p><\/div>\n

\n Susan Ormiston<\/strong>
\n Senior Correspondent
\n CBC News
\n Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
\n Toronto, ON <\/small><\/p>\n

Barbara Raymond MD, B.Sc.<\/strong>
\n Senior Medical Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister,
\n Health Security Infrastructure Branch
\n Public Health Agency of Canada
\n Ottawa, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Bertrand Rossier<\/strong>
\n General Coordinator
\n M\u00e9decins Sans Fronti\u00e8res
\n Mexico<\/small><\/p>\n

Gabriel Schirvar<\/strong>
\n LGBTI Training Specialist
\n International Organization for Migration (IOM)
\n Washington, DC<\/small><\/p>\n

David R. Shlim MD<\/small><\/strong>
\n Travel Medicine Specialist and Author
\n Kelly, WY<\/small><\/p>\n

Paul B. Spiegel MD, MPH<\/small><\/strong>
\n Professor and Director
\n Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health,
\n Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
\n Baltimore, MD<\/small><\/p><\/div>\n<\/p><\/div>\n<\/p><\/div>\n<\/div>\n

\n Invited Speakers
\n <\/a>\n<\/p>\n

\n\t\tAndrea K. Boggild MSc, MD, DTMH, FRCPC<\/strong>
\n\t\tClinical Director, Tropical Disease Unit, Toronto General Hospital
\n\t\tParasitology Lead, Public Health Ontario Laboratories
\n\t\tAssistant Professor
\n\t\tDepartment of Medicine, University of Toronto
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\tNancy E. Glass PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN<\/small><\/strong>
\n\t\tAssociate Dean for Research
\n\t\tAssociate Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health
\n\t\tBaltimore, Maryland<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\tCrista Johnson-Agbakwu MD, MSc, FACOG<\/strong>
\n\t\tMaricopa Integrated Health System
\n\t\tPhoenix, AZ<\/small><\/p>\n

Kamran Khan MD, FRCPC, MPH<\/strong>
\nLi Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
\nSt. Michael\u2019s Hospital
\nToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\tJay S. Keystone CM, MD, MSc (CTM), FRCPC<\/strong>
\n\t\tTropical Disease Unit, Toronto General Hospital
\n\t\tProfessor of Medicine
\n\t\tFaculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Jay MacGillivray<\/strong>
\n\t\t\tRegistered Midwife
\n\t\t\tAdjunct Professor, Ryerson University
\n\t\t\tCo-Director, Positive Pregnancy Programme,
\n\t\t\tSaint Michael’s Hospital
\n\t\t\tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p><\/div>\n

\n\t\t\tKaren Musalo<\/strong>
\n\t\t\tProfessor of Law and Director, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies
\n\t\t\tHastings College of the Law, University of California
\n\t\t\tSan Francisco, CA<\/small><\/p>\n

Kimahli Powell<\/strong>
\nExecutive Director
\nRainbow Railroad
\nToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\t\tMaya Prabhu M.D., LL.B<\/strong>
\n\t\t\tAssistant Professor
\n\t\t\tYale School of Medicine
\n\t\t\tNew Haven, CT<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\t\tHanni Stoklosa MD, MPH<\/strong>
\n\t\t\tInstructor in Emergency Medicine
\n\t\t\tBrigham and Women’s Hospital
\n\t\t\tBoston, MA<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\t\tJanine Young MD, FAAP<\/strong>
\n\t\t\tMedical Director, Denver Health Refugee Clinic
\n\t\t\tMedical Advisor, Colorado Refugee Services Program
\n\t\t\tAssociate Professor, Dept of General Pediatrics
\n\t\t\tUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine
\n\t\t\tDenver Health and Hospitals
\n\t\t\tLowry Family Health Center
\n\t\t\tToronto, ON<\/small>\n\t<\/div>\n<\/div><\/div>\n<\/div>\n

\n\t Concurrent Plenary Speakers
\n\t <\/a>\n\t<\/p>\n

Hoori Hamboyan MSW, LLB <\/strong>
\nDepartment of Justice Canada
\nOttawa, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Dilshad Tavawalla BA, LLB, LLM <\/strong>
\nFamily and Child Protection Lawyer
\nToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

Georgi Kroupin Ph.D., LMFT, MA, LP <\/strong>
\nCentre for International Health, Healthpartners
\nSt. Paul, MN<\/small><\/p>\n

Kathleen Connors PhD <\/strong>
\nDirector, GARefugee Health and Mental Health
\nClarkston, GA<\/small>\n<\/div>\n

\nChristopher M. Jones Esq. <\/strong>
\nStaff Attorney, The Citizenship Project
\nLegal Aid Society of Mid-New York
\nUtica, NY <\/small><\/p>\n

Tedd Judd PhD, ABPP-CN <\/strong>
\nAdjunct Faculty
\nSeattle Pacific University
\nSeattle, WA <\/small><\/p>\n

William Bradford MD <\/strong>
\nResident, Internal Medicine
\nThomas Jefferson University Hospitals
\nPhiladelphia, PA<\/small><\/div>\n<\/div>\n

Special Invitees<\/h2>\n
\n\t\tVanig Garabedian MD, OB\/GYN<\/small><\/strong>
\n\t\tSyrian Gynecologist
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\tNevzat Keskin<\/strong>
\n\t\tJournalist, Ph.D. Candidate
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small>\n\t<\/div>\n


\t\tWanes Moubayed<\/small><\/strong>
\n\t\tSyrian Violinist
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small>\n\t<\/div>\n<\/div><\/div>\n<\/p><\/div>\n

\t\t Special Invitees
\n\t\t <\/a>\n\t\t<\/p>\n

\n\t\tVanig Garabedian MD, OB\/GYN<\/small><\/strong>
\n\t\tSyrian Gynecologist
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small><\/p>\n

\t\tNevzat Keskin<\/strong>
\n\t\tJournalist, Ph.D. Candidate
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small>\n\t<\/div>\n


\t\tWanes Moubayed<\/small><\/strong>
\n\t\tSyrian Violinist
\n\t\tToronto, ON<\/small>\n\t<\/div>\n<\/div><\/div>\n<\/p><\/div>\n


Major Themes<\/h2>\n